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      Why should listed companies beautify their financial reports?

      release time:2022-05-29 17:02 Click the number:42

      上市公司 Listed company“美化 beautify beautify beautify”財報的動力 The motivation of the financial report:

      1、實控人 Actual controller、大股東或管理層有減持變現需求 There is a demand for reducing holdings of major shareholders or management。比如定增 Fixed increase股份解禁 For example,上市公司 Listed company就可能通過 Listed companies may pass“美化 beautify beautify beautify”財報提升股價 Financial report increases the stock price,以配合限售股解禁 In order to cooperate with the restricted stock to lift the ban。

      2、實控人 Actual controller或大股東質押比例很高 The proportion of real controllers or big shareholders is very high,為防止爆倉 To prevent explosion warehouses,需要造假以維持良好的經營狀態 You need to fake to maintain a good business state。

      3、實控人 Actual controller或大股東掏空上市公司 Listed company Real console or major shareholder hollowed out the listed company,需要造假以拖延東窗事發的時間 Need to counterfeiting to delay the time of the east windows。

      4、實現實控人 Actual controller或管理層自己的利益 Realize the interests of real control or management,比如滿足股權激勵條件等 For example, to meet equity incentive conditions, etc.。

      5、上市公司 Listed company完成業績承諾 Listed companies have completed performance commitments,有對賭協議存在的上市公司 Listed company There is a listed company with a gambling agreement,為了完成業績承諾 In order to complete the performance commitment,有些時候不惜鋌而走險 Sometimes I do n’t hesitate to take risks。

      6、上市公司 Listed company需要 Listed companies need“定增 Fixed increase”來再融資 Come again,“美化 beautify beautify beautify”財報有利于獲得增股的資格以及在股價高位完成定增 Fixed increase計劃 The financial report is conducive to obtaining the qualification to increase the shares and the completion of a fixed increase plan at a high level of stock price。

      7、上市公司 Listed company債務壓頂 Listed companies' debt pushes,為了避免抽貸 To avoid drawing loans,停止放貸 Stop loan,或采取其他限制措施 Or take other restrictions,因此 therefore wherefore for the reason that,選擇造假來欺瞞債權人 Choose fraud to deceive the creditors。

      8、避免被 Be avoided“ST”、被退市等 Delivery, etc.。



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