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      什么是擺賬亮資? What is a liquidity?

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      今天我們來聊聊擺賬 Let's talk about it today,對于大多數人來講擺賬仍然是一 one a single個神秘的存在 For most people, it is still a mysterious existence,接下來我們用幾期內容來慢慢揭開它的面紗 Next, we use several issues to slowly unveil its veil。
      一 one a single、什么是擺賬呢 What is an account?
      擺賬是指銀主將資金以客戶的名義存入銀行 Pressing refers,暫時擺放到客戶的賬上 Temporarily placed on the customer's account,名義上充當客戶的資產 In the nominal assets as a customer,客戶按照合同付給銀主一 one a single定的息差 Customers pay a certain interest difference to gilt owners in accordance with the contract。這里所指的客戶既可以是企業客戶 The customers referred to here can be a corporate customer,也可以是個人客戶 It can also be a personal customer。如果是針對企業客戶 If it is for corporate customers,就是企業擺賬 Is the corporate bookkeeping;相應地針對個人的話 Corresponding to personal words,就是個人擺賬 Just personal accounts。
      二 two、一 one a single般需要具備什么條件才可以操作呢 What conditions are generally required to operate?
      首先客戶目的是拿到對賬單 First of all, the customer's purpose is to get the statement,或資金在客戶賬上可以查詢 Or funds can be queried on the customer's account,在存款期內 During the deposit period,客戶賬面上的資金 Fund on the account book,對外只作資金證明之用 For foreign only fund proof,不得作其他用途 No other use;
      其次客戶有支付一 one a single定的貼息的能力 Secondly, customers have the ability to pay a certain discount,存款銀行配合 Deposit bank cooperation,按銀行保證金制度辦理資金安全手續 Go through the fund security procedures according to the bank's deposit system,以防止因客戶債務 In order to prevent customer debt,存款被司法機構凍結 The deposit is frozen by the judicial institution,保證資金安全 Guarantee funding security。
      三 three、怎么操作呢 How to operate?
      1.操作方與客戶商定操作辦法 The operating party agreed with the customer,核實客戶貼息 Verify customer interest;
      2.客戶提供營業執照 Customer providing business license、企業代碼證 Corporate code certificate、貸款卡復印件 Loan card copy,有關原件及印章交操作方保管 Related to the original and sealing operating operators,待辦妥銀行存款后退回 After the bank deposit is approved, return it;
      3.銀主打入資金 Silver owner into funds;
      4.客戶支付貼息款的方式 How to pay for discounts for customer payment:簽訂協議時支付一 one a single定的定金 Pay a certain deposit when signing the agreement,以防止銀主資金到位后客戶單方面取消協議 To prevent the customer unilaterally cancel the agreement after the silver owner's funds are in place,客戶到達當地后開好戶入金支付全款 After the customer arrives at the local area。
      5.操作方及銀主差旅費由客戶支付 The operator and the silver owner travel expenses are paid by the customer。



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