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      Rongshengqiang is a financial service agency, providing large and medium-sized enterprises and high-asset groups nationwide with large amounts, industrial and commercial registration, accounting and capital display, capital verification and capital increase, and the business scope covers: national industrial and commercial registration, bank turnover, capital certificate, enterprise or individual accounting, security deposit, advance capital to accompany bids, large company accounts, transfer of company equity, corporate financial services, etc. as well as large financial enterprises with integrated financial services. The core team has high quality, strong sense of responsibility, rich experience, long-term focus on corporate financial investment, with a deep industry background, excellent past investment performance and rich experience in capital operation. Relying on strong capital, channels and technical advantages, the company provides large image funds for customers in more than 30 provinces, one, two or three cities across the country, and successfully assists customers in financing or achieving other set goals and tasks in tens of thousands. As an emerging enterprise, it will always serve major groups and small and medium-sized enterprises in the country with integrity, pragmatism and win-win development, provide professional financial support, assist enterprises to achieve their vision, strong funds and dozens of capital planners, and serve every customer one-on-one sincerely and intimately. Professional accumulation and channel resource integration, professional and refined one-stop industrial and commercial and financial service platform. Intimate and thoughtful service system, all customer needs as the center of the business philosophy, the company is committed to providing customers with diversified business services, to help customers reduce customer costs, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of customers and make unremitting efforts! Enable long-term steady growth of customer assets. Tailor-made solutions for businesses or individuals with special needs (large sums of money).

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